Mrs. Rouck

Mrs. Rouck Room

Middle School English and Reading

Learning continues through DEL in my 7th grade reading classes and 8th grade reading and English classes. In reading class, we have been exploring different forms of poetry and the figurative language techniques and sound devices used in poetry. In English class, students have been able to view grammar lessons, practice grammar concepts, and respond to creative writing prompts. My prerecorded lessons allow students to hear and see me teach, building on the routines that we established earlier in the year. Online reading and writing journals allow them to react to literature and write creatively, and they have the opportunity to join virtual classes where they can discuss the lessons or ask questions.

My goal is for students to remain connected to instruction with lessons presented in a familiar way, and I frequently check for understanding and adapt my lessons to their learning. Our school community has remained connected through prayer and virtual meetings, and our teachers have remained committed to responding to the needs of students and families. Although we miss our students and we look forward to a time when we can all meet in person, we continue to nurture faith and learning in the St. Veronica school community.

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