Magistra Scott

Magistra Scott - Latin DEL Warrior

Distance E-Learning Warrior & Latin Teacher

Magistra Scott keeps in touch with her award-winning Certamen (competitive Latin) teams with Kahoot Live! Meet-ups. St. Veronica teams were supposed to be in the Virginia State Finals in April, another casualty of the coronavirus lockdown.

Magistra was able to keep the Latin alive through sites like Hands-Up Learning, reading simple stories to the 3rd graders about daily life in Herculaneum (a city close to Pompeii). Fourth graders made little soliders and emperors from discarded bathroom tissue rolls. And fifth graders made commemorative coin designs to honor Hercules and his twelve Labors as part of their mythology unit.

The middle school program continued with an online version of the textbook, with 6th graders studying the different types of gladiators, the 7th graders learning about the destruction of Pompeii and the 8th graders about the Roman occupation of Britain.

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