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Google Classroom Codes by Grade

5th Grade
Class Name Code
Gallagher 2019 Math 2 PGL2ROQ
Gallagher 2019 Math 1 2F7UW2Q
Gallagher 2019 Science ZOAVMNP
Gallagher 2019 English Y5Z52JU
Reading 5A rwxa4xy
Reading 5B ush7ce4
Religion 5A LRJ26D
Religion 5B yh7wtin
Spelling 5A s3ekrf
Social Studies 24rhbhk
SVS Choir dppah4x
5A Latin u4heawi
5B Latin 56u5fsb
5A Technology qfd5iwo
5B Technology kzwbptu
Art- 5th Grade vdo72f7
5th Grade PE emdgz4k
Band og4zoyo
6th Grade
6th Grade

Class Name Code
6A English rw75qek
6B English jhy3l3p
6A Social Studies rv6ivfp
6B Social Studies blq3lha
6A Reading 6tnvgeq
6B Reading eir55yg
Tyranski 6th Grade Math 6/7 4nsxsos
Seraphin Math 6 puostfz
Magistra’s 6A 2020 wrg3i6d
Magistra’s 6B 2020 knrsyxy
6B Religion 7farmhz
6A Religion kokqyrt
6B MUSIC 6y4dgxh
6A MUSIC 4oaswcm
SVS Choir dppah4x
6th Grade PE unvbw2f
6A Science 3sjaqxv
6B Science wws37a5
6A Technology rv2vhgl
6B Technology xo2igli
Art- 6th Grade os2voui
Band og4zoyo
7th Grade
Class Name Code
7A Social Studies 33yzx25
7B Social Studies 37swmeq
7A English obrunil
7B English 6o746em
Tyranski Algebra 7/8 bpvjovb
Tyranski Pre-Algebra 7/8 kje3ygs
Tyranski 6th Grade Math 6/7 4nsxsos
Seraphin Math 7 ug7ei25
Magistra’s 7A 2020 smccqgq
Magistra’s 7B 2020 ewlvkrp
Rouck- 7 Reading 11:11-11:56 kqwh263
Rouck- 7 Reading 12:46-1:31 jaejbrc
7 ALG Music (Wednesdays) 67fjfkc
7 PRE Music (Mondays) ntzqgxh
SVS Choir dppah4x
Religion 7B mkjyqxv
Religion 7A uev46aq
7th Grade PE et7swh2
7A Science edompll
7B Science sxix4bw
7A Technology t24dcde
7B Technology zjs4vpl
Art-7th Grade dvt6ddw
Band og4zoyo
8th Grade
Class Name Code
8th – Social Studies 5fzg7fm
Tyranski Algebra 7/8 bpvjovb
Tyranski Pre-Algebra 7/8 kje3ygs
Seraphin Geometry 8 3pmwo2s
Magistra’s 8 2020 skeikv4
8 Homeroom f6magv6
Rouck- 8A Reading xmhmsm5
Rouck- 8B English sdcyxio
Shakespeare Elective gkp47nl
8A MUSIC 4lard3c
SVS Choir dppah4x
8 Religion vds7c7p
8th Grade PE e5htgz2
8A Science avappxd
8A Technology 7phb4ca
Art-8th Grade vxfv3ql
Band og4zoyo

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