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School Address

St. Veronica Catholic School
3460 B Centreville Rd
Chantilly, VA 20151

School Phone

703-991-9103 (fax)

Record Requests

For all forms, records and requests for records please contact Jessica Maleski

Report an Absence

For all sick or tardy students, please email


Mr. Michael Busekrus

Assistant to the Principal
Middle School

Mrs. Kandis Rouck

Director of PreSchool

Mrs. Phong Nguyen

Office Manager

Mrs. Jessica Maleski

Director of Admissions & Enrollment
Extended Day Director

Mrs. Mary Jo Smith


Assistant to the Principal Lower School

Mrs. Jean Narbonne


Director of Development & Educational Technology

Mrs. Jessica Maleski


Receptionist & Office Assistant

Mrs. Delia Bolivar

Student Government Association

Maria Cintorino
Kandis Rouck

Safety Patrols

Phuong Nguyen
Diann McHale

STEM & Robotics

Barbara Tyranski

Latin Club & Certamen

Jenifer Scott

Band (wind and percussion)

Dr. Robert Little

Catholic Youth Organization

Dan McDonnell
For more information please refer to the CYO website.

Contact Us

Front Desk: 703-773-2020
St. Veronica Catholic School
3460-B Centreville Rd
Chantilly, VA 20151

Serving the Dulles South, Sully and South Riding areas of Western Fairfax and Eastern Loudoun Counties.

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations… Teaching them to carry out everything I have commanded you. —Matthew 27:19-20

The administration, faculty, and staff of St. Veronica Catholic School recognize the dignity of each person by seeing Christ in every child. The mission of the school is to ensure vibrant religious education and exemplary academics by empowering our students and faculty through faith and knowledge.